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2.400.000 VNĐ


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It's a stylish designer dress line

It's seems simple, but elegant design is felt

Nageurang voluminous sleeves and comfort to the surviving

Smooth images, as well as elegant femininity is felt

Somaetdan to finish at the end kabeura only it gave haejueo plus a neat feeling

Gave up and down to hold the incision line around the waist line, the sense of volume at the same time seulrimham

Midi-length skirt in elegant sense of falling below the knees laid risen more

Given the deep front slit try to produce seksimi

Back line wide round neckline are finished with the V line is innocent until coy with the neukkyeojyeoyo seksimi

Like offering a comfortable fit and stretch

Ganjeolgi poly material dotom seem to sense possible, as well as fabric to wear in winter it's practical, high utilization

Elegance, as well as a luxury and at the same time seksimi

It's not as good as a high quality brand dress giving confidence to recommend :)

Black, Sky's Gray Color

* To deliver a luxurious hwasaham flower pattern you wish to purchase, please click below ^^

The inevitable nature of the fabric, printing and ignorance There's a price difference

Harrison rays OPS (printing) ₩ 72,000

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